Idakatherine Graver

The Human Cartography series is an evolving project.
Each piece tells the story of an entire life and the deep
value each life has, regardless of circumstance.

Refugee From Aleppo

Refugee From Aleppo, 96" × 96"

The foundation of this piece embraces the beautiful Arab culture. As different ideas arise within it, they separate from each other, becoming rigid and insular, until the powerhouses of the Sunni and Shia are whirling like two competing suns. There is tremendous chaos, blood, suffering and death. Still the green aliveness of this soul lives its life, making real, beautiful moments amid the trauma.

A great deal of space remains unfilled in this person because so much of this life is taken up with simply surviving. But this refugee is a powerful force on the earth.

One Lived Life #1

All the Cards in Your Favor and You Play Them So Well, 96" × 96"

This is a very fortunate soul, born into love and family, health and abundance. Even the unknown that’s headed their way is mysterious but benevolent. They’ve made good use of their fortune. Every time they’ve moved from their pink self, they’ve created a richness and depth out in the world.

The whole experience of living a life creates an invisible structre that surrounds us and moves with us.
Each moment in time and space creates another knot on the net, another thread in the fabric. This series exalts the invisible net of life made visible.